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Mary Jayne Ihims is a multi-talented artist proudly affiliated with Sieni Entertainment INC and Sieni Brothers Records. Her artistic portfolio spans a wide spectrum, showcasing her prowess as a Vocalist, Songwriter, Dancer, Model, Influencer, and Entrepreneur. 

One of her notable achievements is her role as the composer of the CHAN 2020 Official Anthem, a testament to her musical brilliance. Mary Jayne Ihims serves not only as an inspiration but also as a beacon of motivation for young girls worldwide, especially in Africa. She exemplifies the belief that every day presents an opportunity to embrace one's dreams and work towards a better life. 

Mary Jayne Ihims has curated a remarkable catalog of songs, all of which are poised to be part of her upcoming album. Her incredible journey, fueled by her dedication and talent, has garnered widespread recognition. 

Following her triumphant composition for the CHAN 2020 Official Anthem, Mary Jayne Ihims has continued to captivate audiences with her hit single titled "Déranger." Her music videos are a visual feast, each one showcasing her creativity and artistic vision. 

Stay tuned to Mary Jayne Ihims as she continues to make waves in the world of music and beyond. Her talent knows no bounds, and her commitment to inspiring others is a testament to her character. Witness her artistry and be part of her extraordinary journey.

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