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Sieni Brothers Records, a trailblazing force in the music and entertainment industry, finds its roots in the boundless talent and vision of three remarkable brothers: Tientcheu Sieni (T Pah), DR. Taboh Sieni (President Nai), and Njintieuh Sieni (Young). 

Tientcheu Sieni, the eldest among the brothers, is a distinguished entrepreneur based in Atlanta, GA. His impressive portfolio includes international car dealership, business mogul status, savvy investments, and a flair for talent management. Tientcheu's business acumen and keen eye for talent have played a pivotal role in shaping Sieni Brothers Records. 

DR. Taboh Sieni, based in Mansfield, TX, has a distinguished career as a medical doctor. Beyond his medical practice, he also made a significant impact on the entertainment scene. DR. Taboh Sieni was the visionary owner of the first African Nightclub in Dallas, TX. This iconic venue served as a cultural hub where highly acclaimed Cameroonian and African artists graced the stage, performing for and engaging with their devoted diaspora fans. The illustrious list of artists who performed at the Bijou Nightclub includes Meiway, Petit Pays, Ben and Grace Decca, Lino Versace, Muluku DJ, and many more. Bijou Nightclub, later transformed into Bijou De La Diaspora, stood as an upscale Afro-American entertainment center where both local and international artists converged to perform and host a myriad of shows and events. 

Njintieuh Sieni, the youngest of the Sieni Brothers, resides in Florida and boasts a diverse skill set that spans the realms of IT, multi-platform systems engineering, virtualization, and cloud engineering. Njintieuh is not only a tech guru but also a multifaceted artist with a penchant for songwriting, music, video direction, and executive production. He's a scriptwriter and developer, a fashion designer, and an aspiring actor. His creative spirit and versatility have contributed significantly to the artistic endeavors of Sieni Brothers Records. 

Together, the Sieni Brothers have formed an artistic collective that not only celebrates their Cameroonian heritage but also embraces the global stage of entertainment. Their unwavering commitment to talent, creativity, and innovation continues to shape the trajectory of the music and entertainment industry. The Sieni Brothers' legacy is one of vision, entrepreneurship, and boundless artistic expression.

Official Music Videos By Askia


The first Artist officially signed to Sieni Brothers Records was Askia. Rapper, Lyricist and Influencer, Askia has become one of Cameroon's finest, with a body of work to back it up. Askia did couple of Projects under the Label, and later on went into other ventures with other Record Labels such as Alpha Better Records. Some of the Music videos produced under Sieni Brothers Records can be seen above.

nightout in miami

From Left to Right Young, President Nai, T Pah, Blu (The Pittbull Puppy). Sons of Late MR Tchameu Sieni. From Mile 1, Limbe, Cameroon, to Miami, FLorida, USA.
Sieni Entertainment INC and Sieni Clothings INC are the birth products and extension of Sieni Brothers Records. It all started from Mile 1, Limbe, Cameroon. "Music, Fashion, Entertainment and sports have always been our Family Business !!!" 

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